Benefits of a Construction Clean

Cleaning up after any construction work is usually divided into 2 cleaning phases. Sometimes the builder will require a general clean to remove dirt, debris and waste so that the finishing touches can then be added (such as floors & other fixtures) to ensure that the final install will be clean and secure.

Once the final elements are installed, a more thorough and detailed interior clean takes place. The details of this type of cleaning vary significantly from room to room. Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, include cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, removing grout off tiles and silicon & glue. Bedrooms normally have built-in’s, fans or AC’s, so once every final item or fixture has been installed, the detailed clean commences. This is the final task that’s carried out to make your new house or commercial space ready to live or work in.

Why hire a professional?

Hiring professional construction cleaners with extensive experience will save you time, money and energy. It will allow you to spend more time with your clients, bringing in extra business or time with your family and friends (which is always much more enjoyable than having to conduct a construction clean). The unnecessary time wasted in trying to do it yourself can be spent on other more important things like unpacking boxes and arranging furniture, which is another big job.

Safety Measures

By leaving it to Flawless Clean you will also have the peace of mind that safety measures are being put in place whilst we are doing our detailed clean so that there aren’t any accidents. We have the experience to identify hazardous areas as soon as we enter the cleaning space and we know how to minimise that risk. Unless you are familiar with this type of environment you wouldn’t be able to identify these risks when you walk into a construction space, which can lead to an injury or even a hospital visit.

Tools, Equipment & Experience

We also have the right tools, equipment and products to get the job done efficiently, thoroughly and fast. We have the experience and ‘know-how’ from conducting construction cleans in the past and unless this is your line of work you wouldn’t have the right equipment at home. Using your own domestic vacuum cleaner, for instance, could mean you may end up having to purchase another one due to the fine construction dust. Adding an unnecessary expense to your bill doesn’t make anyone happy!

This is why leaving the cleaning up to the professionals is always cheaper in the long run!

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