Strip and Seal Vinyl and Buffing Floors

What stripping and sealing is, and why every business needs to have it done!

Many businesses opt for vinyl flooring because it is easy to keep clean and comes in an endless variety of colours and prints. Though it is not as hardy as tiles or hardwood timber flooring, the level of care you need to use on vinyl is ultimately less than it’s more durable, expensive counterparts.

However, vinyl flooring still needs a level of regular maintenance to keep it looking at its best, and avoid the need to replace it prematurely. That’s where stripping and sealing comes in! Flawless Clean team members are experts at keeping your floors in tip-top shape, and our strip, seal, and buffing services are all part of that.

Why do I need to replace my vinyl flooring?

After a vinyl floor is laid, layers of sealant are laid on top of it to protect the vinyl from scuffs, liquid spills, and other damage. If this sealant is allowed to wear away to the point that it exposes the bare vinyl, unrepairable damage can be inflicted on the vinyl itself. This might mean you need to replace the floor in its entirety, so neglecting to get your floor stripped and sealed can be an expensive mistake.

What is stripping and sealing and why does it matter?

Stripping and sealing is the process of stripping old sealant from your floor, and replacing it with fresh sealant. It’s a smart idea to have your floors regularly stripped and sealed to avoid a situation where your sealant has worn away, and is exposing bare floor to possible damage. The team at Flawless Clean can organise a regular stripping and sealing service that runs alongside your normal commercial cleaning or residential cleaning services to make sure you never have to worry about carrying that mental load!

Vinyl Floor Cleaning for Hotel
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How often do my floors need a strip and seal?

It is fairly normal for commercial floors to need stripping and sealing every 1-2 years, depending on the level of foot traffic and movement across the floors. Residential floors require it every 3-10 years – a much longer timeframe based on drastically less foot traffic. Though it’s wise to keep in mind that each area will wear away at different rates – hallways will need a service sooner than a private office, for example. In order to maintain and reduce the frequency and cost of having to strip and seal vinyl floor due  to deterioration and poor maintenance, buffing every month, quarterly, every semester (depending on the site and traffic) is recommended not only to have a daily shiny floor but as it will also prolong the life of the actual vinyl.

Other benefits of stripping and sealing

Getting a fresh strip and seal service doesn’t just protect your floor – it also makes it look completely new! A freshly sealed floor shines, and the colours of the floor look vibrant and fresh. This enhanced shine helps keep the floor looking new all year round, but it also makes it look clean and presentable.

Another part of keeping your vinyl floor looking fresh is having it professionally cleaned and buffed. Flawless Clean recommends this service every three months to keep your floors looking at their absolute best, and can perform this task after office hours to reduce disruption to the normal work day

Vinyl Strip & Seal

How to organise a strip and seal for your floor

For a professional strip and seal service from a reputable Newcastle company – contact Flawless Clean today. Our company has been looking after clients in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Maitland areas for years now, and our reviews speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on offering services that are supported by industry standards, ongoing staff training, cutting edge products, and above all else – genuine customer service. If you have been sitting on the fence about your floors, or getting a quote on commercial cleaning – don’t! Drop our expert team a line, and get some extra work off your plate.

Scrubbing and Sealing Tiled Floors

It is recommended that you remove all the grime regularly and to add a seal. This will help keep the tiles cleaner and shiner, and will also reduce the cost of having to scrub them more frequently.

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