5 Major Advantages of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for your Office

As Australians, we spend a lot of time at work. In fact, the average person spends more than 115,000 hours in their lifetime in the workplace.

Whether you are running your business from a large office or a small executive suite, a clean workspace should be one of the priorities for your business. You could rely on your employees to clean their areas, but this will give them less time to focus on priorities that make your business money and bring in new clients.

Instead, you can get better results by hiring a professional office cleaning service in Newcastle that is not only affordable but also offers many benefits for your staff and your business.

Here are five major advantages of hiring a professional office cleaning service in Newcastle.

Protect your employees from viruses

1. Protect your employees from viruses

By having an unsanitary workplace, your employees could be picking up more than their pay cheque. Your workers touch surfaces all day long, whether it’s the phone, keyboard or desk. Research by the University of Arizona found that the typical office desk has 10 million bacteria growing on it – that’s 400 times more bacteria than found on the average toilet seat.

By regularly having your office professionally cleaned, you can eliminate virus causing bacteria that are not only bad for your employees’ health but can also affect a business’ bottom line by increasing the number of sick days that workers need to take off.

Absenteeism is estimated to cost the Australian economy approximately $34.1 billion each year through lost productivity. With the high traffic in your office, a small virus could spread through your team and incapacitate your workforce in a short period of time.

Flawless Clean’s professional commercial cleaners have the proper training to rid any environment of dangerous germs to help keep your workers protected.

Save on time

2. Save on time

Everyone prefers to be surrounded by a clean working environment but getting the time to clean to a high standard usually means losing time that you need for other tasks.

Many office managers choose to rely on their employees to keep their working space clean and tidy but not everyone has a high-level of cleaning skills or motivation to maintain the tidy work environment you hoped for.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company in Newcastle will help you get the office you want without you having to compromise your other responsibilities.

Boost employee happiness

3. Boost employee happiness

A worker’s mood has a significant impact on their productivity levels. The simple act of maintaining a clean workplace by decreasing the amount of clutter and improving the air quality has been proven to do wonders for increasing your employees’ moods and boosting office morale.

By creating an overall happy work environment, workers will make for more pleasant co-workers and work performance will likely improve due to the positive feeling at the office.

Reduce worker anxiety for better decision making

4. Reduce worker anxiety for better decision making

You wouldn’t put up with mess and unclean areas in your home so why should employees tolerate it at the office?

Having a clean and organised workspace not only reduces health and safety issues, a clean office can also clear the mind and improve productivity. In fact, a disorganised and cluttered workplace can cause employees to suffer extreme anxiety when making critical decisions.

According to a study by Psychology Today, people who work in untidy environments commonly suffer from stress triggered by having to search for lost documents, avoiding piles of clutter and navigating a dirty workspace. The study also revealed that they were less agreeable, less conscientious and more neurotic.

Impress clients and new employees

5. Impress clients and new employees

Nobody wants to walk into an office and see dirty cups by the kitchen sink, clutter on desks and rubbish overflowing from the bin. Business owners should ensure that their office space is kept clean at all times to make a good first impression on your clients, new employees and anyone else that visits your workplace.

An office that is kept clean reflects your company and shows that you value your business, your employees’ wellbeing and your client’s experience while there.

Are you looking for professional office cleaning in Newcastle?

A clean workplace is not only nice to look at, but it also provides health and professional benefits for your employees. Office cleanliness should be a priority at all times, so it’s important that you hire professionals to clean your office regularly to maintain hygiene and employee morale.

Flawless Clean can be contacted online or by telephone at 02 4023 0109 / 0413 034 144 for more information on our office cleaning services in Newcastle.


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