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Flawless Management

Flawless Clean’s Managing Director Susana is very proactive and hands-on in her approach to both new and old customers alike. She directly involves herself in the first few cleans for every new client to evaluate adequate resources, time needed for completion, a high standard level and consumables needed.


To ensure that our high cleaning standards are met in an efficient and timely manner, we leave a communications folder at our regular sites that is checked by our staff upon arrival for feedback & special requests. Your accounts manager will personally touch base with you on a monthly basis and inspect the site, as well as following-up on all of our one-off clean’s and our other facilities services, to make sure it is being carried out in a flawless manner. Flawless Clean highly encourages open communication, as it is just as vital as providing a consistent service every single time so that your needs are always looked after.

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Quality Assurance

Flawless Cleans Managing Director, Susana prides herself in her commitment to quality assurance, open communication, customer satisfaction and making sure WHS is always being met by herself and the team.

Susana directly trains each new staff member and also implemented an employee training procedure to  protect our high cleaning standard and our uniform approach to cleaning procedures. Together with our detailed employment selection criteria, Flawless Clean will always be ahead of its competitors.

Core Values

  • customer satisfaction and that our cleaning is meeting your requirements
  • our consistently high level of service is being preserved
  • the efficiency of staff and time management is being carried out
Services - Cleaning


What We Do

Medical Centres
& Specialist Rooms

Our professionally trained staff provide a comprehensive and thorough disinfection and sanitising service ensuring the safety and health to medical centres and specialist suites.

Music & Dance Studios

Let Flawless keep those mirrors, ballet barre, dance floors and recording studios sparkling clean for students, staff and music lovers alike.

Education &
Child Care Centres

Reduce the transmission of children transferred germs and illnesses with our thorough disinfection and sanitising services.

End of Lease

Increase your chance of a bond refund for your residential or commercial business with a detailed and rigorous clean at the end of your lease.

Industrial Sites & Warehouses

Let our energetic staff clear your industrial site or warehouse of waste or debris making the site safer and tidy for both staff and visitors.

Showrooms & Dealerships

Keep those windows, mirrors and important displays areas meticulously clean with our custom cleaning service.

Cafe, Restaurant
& Function Centres

Leave it up to Flawless to keep your cafe, restaurant or function centre hygienic and sanitised for your staff and patrons.

Local Government, Banks
& General Offices

Allow our trustworthy and reliable staff to keep your office fresh and sanitised with our precise cleaning methods.

Retail Shops
& Shopping Centres

Our complete and detailed cleaning schedule will ensure a immaculate and hygienic place for your valued customer and staff.


“We have been using Flawless Clean now for almost six years now and have found their work exceptional. I would recommend them to any of my friends and customers.”
Services - Cleaning
United Auctions Australia

Window Cleaning Services


Let the professionals bring your view from the outside in with our comprehensive commercial window cleaning service.

End of Lease

Our complete and detailed window service includes tracks and sills. Including both in & out side glass cleaning.


No matter how many or the height of your windows, let our specialised team do the hard work for you.

Some Support Services

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Our licensed tradespeople can inspect and advise of the condition of one of the most important safety devices in your workplace or home.

Sanitary Disposal

Let our team organise a regular service to remove and change the female hygiene stations in your business.

Pest Control

The Flawless comprehensive pest control service will give you peace of mind to eliminate any of the common workplace or household pests.

Garden Maintanence

Hedging and Pruning

Your hedges and trees will love the attention from our team as they transform your property landscape from raggedy to regal leaving it neat and tidy.

Lawn Mowing

Leave the hard work to us to maintain the lawn on your property to the professionals and preserve your kerb side appeal.

Gutter Cleaning

Debris from nearby trees block and cause unwanted damage to guttering and roofs. Our specialist team can remove built up rubbish from guttering and prevent long-term and costly damage.

Licensed Tradesman


Our on-hand qualified painter can see to all your painting needs, including new projects and touch-ups at your residential or commercial property.


Maintain your property’s plumbing with a regular downpipe, stormwater and sewage check to avoid those costly repairs.

Electrician / Test & Tag

Our qualified electrician can ensure you and your staff’s safety checking your appliances with a test and tag service, check smoke alarms and all other general electrical tasks.

Flawless Clean are professional, reliable and offer great customer service!It can be difficult to find a commercial cleaner that you are happy with, however we have found Flawless Clean to be consistent, efficient and impeccable at what they do.We highly recommend Flawless Clean to other businesses.
Services - Cleaning
Alicia Purvis, group HR & corporate services manager
RPF Building