“I thrive on a job well done. I love what I do because I can see instant results for our hard work. Being involved in every part of my cleaning business allows me to oversee and have a hands-on approach in every department, this way I know firsthand of my clients needs and concerns”. Our clients are generous with their feedback and we love to hear how our work improves their daily lives”.
– Susana

The Flawless Clean team is a growing group of 8 professionals who have an eye for detail, an awareness of work, health and safety and support systems that create consistency of service and accountability to our clients.

About Flawless Clean Newcastle & Lake Macquarie - Commercial Cleaning

Susana Enjuto


My parents had a Residential and Commercial Cleaning business in Sydney when I was a girl. They were so good at it that they started another cleaning business when they moved back to Spain!

I have always been involved in my parents business, whether it was cleaning, administration or client relationship management. The exposure to the business allowed me to learn the important lessons including consistency of service as well as gathering, listening and actioning feedback given by clients.​

I stepped outside the world of commercial cleaning to broaden my skills in Management, Finance and Customer Service.

Small Business was always in my blood though, so when I moved to Newcastle I decided to apply all of our skills learned previously in other sectors to our own business.

Flawless Clean had been founded!